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To contact us about using one of our boys call:
Vonnie: 209-667-8927 or Judy: 209-581-5782
HySpire is closed on Sundays

At HySpire we recognize the effect that the current economy is having on dog breeders and the high cost to the owners of the girls who are paying Veterinary progesterone testing fees over and above the stud fee. 

Therefore we are now offering two options at HySpire.  You may either pay a service fee or a full fee.  For more information on our breeding terms and to access the breeding info sheet,  click on the yellow mom and pup below or if you already have all that information, click on the black Lab to go directly to the breeding info sheet to fill out and return to us with the information we need to facilitate the breeding.

Breeding info sheet to fill out and return to us by email

Breeding terms and general breeding information.