“.....and on the seventh day He saw it was good and he rested.”

Hyspire is closed on Sundays.  We close at 6 PM on Saturday and reopen Monday morning at 8 AM.

Dog Wars: The Sequel

Coming Soon To A Show Ring Near You

“A long time ago In a galaxy far far away...... known as California.......

The saga continues.  You watched in the Kingdom of HySpire as Obi-Wan Kenobi  Travis, the bravest Jedi ever, fought to turn the minds of the Empire of Judges.  Fighting beside him you watched his sons, nephews and grandsons, Prince Nat, Prince Blaze, and Commander Rush, as well as Commanders Tex, Hemi, and Single.  But the  war is not finished  as  a new generation  of judges marches into the ring armed with iPads , cell phones, and other deadly devices as well as the ultimate weapon; Facebook. 

A new generation will take on the responsiblity of protecting the Kingdom in their pursuit to ‘turn’ the minds of the judges.  The new young princes; half brothers “ Hawk Skywalker” and “Blaine Solo” have come home from far provinces of Maritime and Piccadilly to lead the fight and protect the Kingdom. Standing with them is their nephew Prince Roc.  Together they will protect their sister Princess Leia Miranda from being taken by the Federation.  Others from the HySpire clan are coming to stand by their cousins, from far away provinces like Prince Jobe from the land of Tameric, and  Prince Gucci from the Kindgom of Queijeiro.  We know there will be more to join the fight & save the Kingdom soon.  These young royals will seek guidance from the great Jedi from the land of Breckin,  known as “Yoda the Rapper”.    Fight on young princes.  May The Force Be With You.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy or adult Labrador please contact us by email first so we can give you some general information and then we can proceed from that point. We are located in Northern California and only ship our pet puppies around the west coast.  We do not ship pet puppies or adults to the east coast or midwest or southeast.

Judy Heim
For Puppy & Stud dog inquires
Jim & Vonnie Russell
for Puppies and Stud inquiresmailto:hyspire@aol.comshapeimage_7_link_0
Lisa Da Ross

HySpire is the merger of two Kennels which strive for the same goal of a multi-purpose Labrador Retriever.

Established in 1969 and located in North/Central California, HySpire Kennels produces Labradors in the true style of the all around dog they are meant to be.  Our ultimate goal is a beautiful dog conforming to the standard of the breed with soundness of temperament and body.  The HySpire Labrador Retrievers retain the hunting ability that has made the Labrador Retriever the ultimate hunting retriever as well as the perfect family companion and service/assistance dog and we are pleased to have many HySpire Labradors not only in pet and hunting homes but also working for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Guide Dogs of America, Canine Companions for Independence, and PADS.  For Forty-six years we have strived for the perfect Labrador in our breeding program and will never lose sight of that goal.  Please enjoy browsing and see for yourself what we have attained at HySpire.  Afterwards please feel free to e-mail us for more information or just to talk about that wonderful breed of dog, the Labrador Retriever

Home Of

*BISS Ch. Withara Marine Journey,CD, JH

*Ch. Coalcreeks Beakin’ Loose

Staylayna Zelda, UD

*Ch. Inspiration Wish Me Back

*Ch. Broyhill Baroque Inspiration, CDX

Ch. Inspiration Cracklin Rosie

*BISS Ch. HySpire Darktown Strutter

*Ch. Veyatie Barra

*BOSS Ch. Inspiration Hygate Winsome

Ch. Inspiration Hygate Suspense

*Ch. HySpire Something Classic, JH

*Ch. HySpire Somethings Amiss* M. Durham

*Ch. HySpire One More Strutt

*BISS Ch. Hyspire Swingtown

*BISS Gr.Ch. Sureshot HySpire Impressive,WC

*Ch. HySpire Charmed

*BOSS.Ch Janrod Tammy Why Not

*Ch. HySpire Pipin’ Hot* M. Durham

*Ch. HySpire Mo Hotta Mo Betta

*Ch. HySpire Chinatown

*Ch. Maritime HySpire Impress Me *J.Jussaume

*BISS Ch. Ghoststone HySpire Dressed To Impress

*Ch. HySpire It Had To Be You

*BISS Ch.Nipntuck HySpire Unforgettable

*Ch. HySpire Darktown Bandit, CD,JH,WC

*BISS Ch., SR HySpire Slim Shady,JH *Laura Fletcher

*Ch. Tullamore Time Traveler

*GR.Ch. HySpire Shahlih Hotter Than Blazes

*BISS Ch. HySpire Adrenaline Rush

*BISS Ch. HySpire Hot To Trot,JH *J. Jussaume

*Ch. Talimar Royal Jazz

*Eur.Winner,Pl.Ch.,Cz.Club Winner, Lt.Winner,Am.Ch. Arlon HySpire Bohemian Ink * S. Czar, M. Dowgiala

Shahli HySpire Some Like It Hot, JH, WC* K. Stefak

*Pl. Jr. Ch., Am. Ch. Figero Da Foz Herbu Zadora, WC * M. Dowgiala

*Multi BISS GR.Ch. HySpire Singular Sensation

*Ch. HySpire Texas Hold ‘Em

*BISS Ch.. Maritime Forecast Matilde, WC *J.Jussaume

* BISS GR.Ch. HySpire Feeling Bubbly *J.Jussaume

*Ch. Breckin HySpire Promiscuous Girl *G. Boss

* BOSS Ch. HySpire Va Va Voom

* BISS Ch. HySpire Pedal To The Metal

*Ch. HySpire Maritime Grand Slam- owned by Elly & Bryan Hawkins

Int.Ch.HySpire Great Scot, JH, RN

HySpire Darktown Lady Hanna, CGC,NAC,NJC -owned by Kathy Guyton

*BISS Ch. HySpire Mainland Boom Boom Pow* Owned by Freyre & Armor Labs

Polish Ch. HySpire Bodacious At Shahli *S. Czar, M. Dowgiala

* BISS Gr Ch. HySpire Mainland Bears Repeating,CD,WCI,JH,RA * Owned by Susan Raney

*BISS Ch. HySpire Sporty Spice

*Ch. HySpire Bohemian Rhapsody From Breckin’

*BISS Ch. HySpire Songline Black Cadillac


*Owned and trained by Chris Card

*BISS, BIS Mex., Am. Ch. HySpire Who Dat From Breckin’ * co-owned Gretchen Boss

( Gold Star indicates a dog was WD, WB, BOB, or BOS at a Labrador Specialty.

Blue indicates co-owners or owner)

To learn more about the new generation of warriors, click on their photos or just go to the ‘Boys’ page.