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CH. HySpire Maritime Everything You Always Wanted


Hawks Clearances

Hips OFA Good

Elbows OFA Normal

EIC clear

PRA clear

HNPK clear

Non Dilute

CNM Clear

 Long Coat Clear

Heart Echo/Doppler Clear

Notable Wins


BEST IN SWEEPS: HDLRC: Sandra Flannigan, Kintra

RWD:SJVLRC: Sue Williamsen, Willcare, 

WD,BOW, BOB: GGLRC, Faith Hyndman, Buckstone

WD, BOW: LRCSC, Lisa Weiss, Lobuff

WD: SJKC Supported Entry, Christine Tye, Gingerbread

WD, Sierra Vista, Jackie Mischou, Caerbren

WD, HDLRC, Elizabeth Bowron, Fortune

SJKC Supported Entry, Keri Schooler, Copperstill


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