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Please note we are located in Northern California puppies must be picked up we do not ship.  

Puppy price is $3,500.00 and sold on a limited registration. 

Black & Yellow puppies available now. 
1 yellow male 1 yellow female 1 black male
1 black female

GCHG CH HySpire Ghoststone A Tough Nut To Crack "Rowdy"
CH HySpire Yellow Is The New Black "Luma"

                            "Rowdy"                                                                            "Luma"


We start a puppy waiting list when we know that we either have a pregnant female or actually have puppies.  When we breed a litter we are breeding for ourselves and will keep as many puppies as we deem necessary to continue with our breeding program on this particular pedigree.  Both sire and dam of our pups have their health clearances and usually these health clearances go deep into the pedigree with grand parents, great grand parents, etc also having their health clearances as well.   


Our pups begin their lives in our homes and therefore are used to all the noises of a household.  Later as they get older they begin to go outside during the day, weather permitting and coming back into the house with their mother at night. 

Your pup will have a registered microchip (with your information) as well HySpire will pay to register your puppy with the American Kennel Club.  He will be current on vaccinations & worming when it goes to its new home but there will still be more needed in the future.  We give all vaccination information to you when you pick up your pup so you can take it to your vet.  


We sell all of our pet puppies on an AKC Limited registration which means they are AKC registered dogs which cannot be used for breeding and cannot be shown in conformation shows or field trials.  They can however be shown in obedience, agility, rally, tracking, retriever hunting trials, and other performance events. 


We ask that you take your puppy to a vet for a physical exam within 48 hours of receiving it.  If there is anything wrong with the pup that causes you to feel you cannot keep the puppy, you may return it within 24 hours of the diagnosis with a letter from the examining Veterinarian, for a full return of your puppy price.  We will not be responsible for any unauthorized Vet bills.


We are happy to guide you throughout the dogs life with answers to your questions and help you in anyway we can.  Our goal is to produce dogs that are physically and temperamentally sound.  

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